The Loch Tech Blog

The Loch Tech Blog

Hello World!

As I continue to make preparations and complete this website piece by piece I would like to take a break from the hard work to simply introduce the Loch Tech Blog. I’ll give you a quick rundown of what type of content you could expect from us in the future.

The Loch Tech Blog will be a weekly blog focused on the technology industry. The main purpose of the blog is to keep our guests informed of the latest developments in many fields ranging from cyber-security to consumer electronics. I also plan on writing opinion pieces on these topics to provide my own two cents. No gimmicks, nothing to sell just a place to come for news and thoughts. Everyone is welcome. This is going to be a main empasis of our mission statement (once I have that page up, that is.) Other tech companies Ive observed base their model on putting little effort in and hoping their clients stay blind. My plan is to change that way of doing business. I want to make sure our clients understand their technology and why they should care about it.

The current state of Loch Tech

Loch Tech is currently in its infancy. I’m just one guy trying to get this project off the ground and I’ve been trying to for some time now. I have big plans for myself and for the company. Before I could put the effort I would like to into this blog I will have to build around it first. The website at this point is nothing more than a few words on the front page. That being said it’s time to get back to work. I look forward to providing news and other content to this blog in the future. Until then…

-Anthony Loch

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