Loch Tech makes your business your computer your network your website tech better.

Hello. We are Loch Tech. We are a company based in South Florida that helps businesses and individuals accomplish their technology related goals. Technology moves fast and so do we. Staying current in our field is integral in remaining the # 1 choice in web design, SEO, web-based software development, network security and more.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile when it comes to our relationships between ourselves and our clients. We make an effort to meet our clients face-to-face via Skype whenever possible.


We are ready and open to discuss any relevant task a client brings us. Our main focus is on your goals. That's why we always keep your needs in mind and never our wallet. We never hold back truth as well as opinion and neither should you. In other words: We will never mislead you.

Competitive Pricing

Loch Tech is a small operation at the moment. With minimal overhead, we are able to drop the costs of many services. In most cases we beat or at least match our competitors' prices. Yes, we are haggle friendly!

Promise of Quality

When you're happy we're happy. We exhaust ourselves to meet the needs of our clients and promise quality and professionalism every step of the way. If for any reason a client is dissatisfied, we will harbor no hard feelings. A refund will be honored within 14 days of a project's completion.*

Driven By Strategy

Thinking outside the box is our secret weapon. We know for a fact that even the best idea will fall flat if it is not delivered with exceptional strategy. We adhere to this principle in all of our works.


All of these items add up to one attribute: Dedication. Our work is also our craft. We work hard day and night to accomplish the goals set out by our clients. And I really wanted to shoe-horn the coffee icon into this page. Doesn't make it any less true.

*Some services, such as SEO backlinking, are subject to a no-refunds policy. If you are not informed of a product's refund policy before purchase you are entitled to a refund upon revocation of associated products or services.

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Who is Loch Tech?

I started this company, Loch Tech, in late 2016. I've been working as a systems administrator for years taking odd jobs on the side building websites and setting up offices. It started to dawn on me that I should put more time and energy into developing my own brand with a different approach to tech services. The people I was doing work for were truly grateful in the persistent face to face attention I gave to their projects. Thus, Loch Tech took shape and is what it is today.

-Anthony Loch

Anthony Loch Anthony Loch President I created Loch Tech. I guess I got lazy with the name. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

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