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Loch Technology makes things happen. Give us you vision and leave the rest to us. Got big plans? Having computer trouble? You've come to the right place. Find out how Loch Tech can help.

Our Services


Upgrading your home PC? New office needs wiring? Yeah, we help with that. Loch Technology knows hardware inside and out. From tablets to full-scale servers. We've got you covered.


Have some programs misbehaving? Looking to build a web app from scratch? These are some of the software related issues we can assist you with. We'll help you accomplish your goals and get you up and running again.

Web Development

We specialize in building websites of all kinds. We'll get you set up with an easy to use website built with a popular content management system or expertly code one from scratch. Your vision is our guide.


One of Loch Technology's great strengths is our ability to build, secure and maintain networks. We build high performance infrastructures with security in mind. We service home and office networks.


Trying to get your new business ranked on page one? We can help! We stay up to date on the latest search engine trends and alogrithm changes. Our SEO campaigns are intense and strategy driven to ensure the best results.


Loch Technology is devoted to all things technology. We keep up with technology to offer the best possible solutions for our clients. If you need help with anything driven by technology we can probably help. Just ask!

Who is Loch Technology?

Glad you asked. Loch Technology is a new company based in South Florida that deals in all things technology. We believe that hiring a company to perform a service should be straight-forward and to the point. Additionally, we believe in transparency. The steps we take to accomplish your goals will always be well thought out and explained in plain English. There will be no mysteries when dealing with us. We help our clients with a great variety of services. Our ability is virtually limitless. Every client is different, therefore every project is different. We make a point of getting to know everyone we work with.

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What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Fort Lauderdale Tech Support

For our local clients, in and around the Fort Lauderdale area, we offer quality on-site tech services. We cater to all types of businesses in the tri-county area from Palm Beach down to Miami. We already serve a range of businesses including doctors, telemarketing companies, plumbers, contractors, financial institutions and more. Not only do we help local businesses, but individuals as well. We assist with basic PC troubleshooting, repair, virus removal amongst other common and not-so-common issues.

For Homes and Home Offices

In many cases, we even offer remote desktop support. If you are experiencing trouble or need assistance with a desktop program or appliance in Windows, Mac or Linux we may be able to remotely assist you. We can solve many issues on the same day as long as you have an adequate Internet connection. Any other issues can be taken care of at your office or home or by dropping off your hardware to our office in Fort Lauderdale.

Some tasks can not be performed remotely, like installing hardware or setting up your home network. We will come to you and take care of all of your tech support needs. If you are moving into a new home or apartment we can assist in setting up your home network and getting your computers up and running. Often we are approached by people who have poor Wi-Fi reception in their homes and with one visit we are able to improve their situation significantly.

For Businesses

We have proven to be a valuable asset to many businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area and around the country. We take a hands-on and personal approach regardless of location. For our local friends, we assist in getting your offices up and running fast. This includes wiring user stations, setting up the network, servers and PC hardware. For those outside of our immediate area we offer our expertise in cloud applications and web development.

South Florida Tech Support

If you are starting up a new business or just moving into a new office in the Fort Lauderdale area, call us today and we will help you get your technological ducks in a row. Whether you are starting out with an online business or moving into an office building Loch Technology will help you start turning a profit fast and always at a fair price. We take care of all tech related tasks required to get you and your employees online at your new location.

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