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Fix Cortana Freezing Bug

Cortana Freezing Bug: How To Fix

On one of my home PC’s running Windows 10 I’ve experienced a peculiar bug after a recent update. The... read more

Mac Malware

No, Mac Users Are Not Immune To Malware

Macs. They’re like a high school quarterback. They’re good looking, trendy and all the girls want one. I like Macs.... read more

KeeFox KeePass Ubuntu

Installing KeePass and KeeFox on Ubuntu 16.04

I’ve found numerous instructions with varying techniques on how to properly install KeePass2 and integrate it with KeeFox on... read more

2016: A Hack Odyssey

What is Hacking? As of late, the media has been saturated with topics about hacking, leaks, phishing etc. For the... read more

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Hello World! As I continue to make preparations and complete this website piece by piece I would like to take... read more